Augmented Reality Product Explorer


Dive into a new world of product exploration with our Product Explorer, a platform that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to make Toyota's innovative products feel within reach. Visualize the thrill of diving into the details of our latest offerings, interacting with them as if they're right there in front of you.

The TMH Product Explorer breaks the mold of traditional product presentations. Their extensive range of material handling solutions has never been easier to explore, from forklifts to racking systems. AR brings a new level of depth and interaction, enabling customers to examine a forklift from all angles or virtually place a racking system in their warehouse at a real scale. 

AR isn't just about visualization—it's a transformative experience. It deepens understanding, enhances decision-making, and makes exploring our product range more exciting. With AR, product discovery becomes an adventure, and every decision is a confident step forward.

The future of business is here—it's vibrant, engaging, and waiting for you to leap into the world of Augmented Reality!

Toyota Material Handling Product Explorer Ar Edited


Product Explorer Ar Interior

Enhanced Visualization

AR provides an immersive, 3D view of products or scenarios. Customers can interact with products as if they were in a physical store or location, enhancing their understanding and experience.

Product Explorer Ar Tilting


By offering the capability to virtually "test-drive" products, AR dramatically improves the decision-making process. Whether it's visualizing machines within the warehouse environment or gaining firsthand experience of a machine's operation, customers can make purchases with a higher degree of confidence and assurance.

Product Explorer Customer Engagement

Increased Engagement

AR is interactive and immersive, engaging customers in ways traditional channels cannot. This leads to longer interaction times, higher customer satisfaction, and potentially increased sales.

Product Explorer Ar Differentiation

Competitive Differentiation

Incorporating AR provides an innovative, tech-forward image. It can set an organization apart from competitors, particularly in sectors where AR is not yet widespread. It shows customers that a company is invested in using technology to enhance their experience.

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