The future of industrial training and support solutions

Companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors are discovering the benefits of virtual reality systems . With VR simulation solutions companies are now preparing people better, faster and safer. Virtual Reality technology offers the ability to create real-world experiences on demand. Realistic virtual replicas of the machines are allowing trainees to make mistakes on a full-functioning equipment with any real loss or danger. Simulation based training solutions offers a safe and cost-effective way to develop skills without the risk of injury and using their actual machines and equipment.

VR not for your industry?  Think again!

Safety training

Confined space training

Maintenance training

Material Handling Equipment training

Mechanical training

Process & operations training

Industrial machining

Assembly line training

Benefits of industrial VR training

Your brain

VR experience are treated like real life experience by your brain.

Virtual experiences

Whether you want to train your mind or your body, experiences are the best way to learn and remember.

Retention increases by using Virtual Reality

Improved retention

Experiences in virtual reality help you learn better it increases retention rates up to 80%.

How do we do this?

RealityMatters uses VR to deliver better training for your business, from your front-line employees all the way up to your executives. Here’s what sets us apart:


Save costs by connecting employees remotely without limitations. This will increase their efficiency dramatically on different levels


Based on real-time insights every employees strengths, areas of improvements and retention level is recorded


Whether it’s for one team or the whole company VR teaches relevant skills

VR unlocks our capacity for learning by doing

Education has long been talked about as a promising application for immersive virtual reality, but much of the focus has centered on what might be called “exposure education”. To really unlock the potential of VR for education and training, we need to use our hands to actually do stuff.

Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, confirms that customers who learned in VR instead of watching YouTube videos saw an almost 40% increase in their ability to recall the correct steps in the process. Recall is the first step of learning a new skill, and according to Nel, this increase held steady across all skill levels from novice to expert.

The message is simple – Start to do stuff in VR!

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