Change Brand Experiences with VR

As a brand, you want your consumers to have good things to say about you and prefer your name over others. By using Virtual & Augmented Reality, brand activation campaigns are now able to enhance the experience of your product/service big time.

Virtual Reality gives you the unique opportunity to communicate what your brand is about and what it can bring to potential consumers. Instead of telling a consumer what an experience could feel like, let them experience it first-hand instead.

VR not for your brand?  Think again!

Service experience

Take clients to experience the views, walk around in spaces

Event Experience

VR allows companies to show and customize products, which can be linked to real events.

Product Experience

VR allows clients to view and customize your products even before they are produced

Educational Experience

Educating consumers in the brand in an immersive way demonstrates the craft on how you product is produced

Retail Experience

VR experiences deepen the brand engagement and extend it

Recruiting Enhancement

Giving people a sense of what the job is all about can help attract the right candidates and see if they are made of the right stuff.

Market Research

VR experiences can give a much more holistic, accurate and compelling set of insights

Product-line Extension

VR offers companies the opportunity to create their own VR experiences and VR branded products.

Benefits of using VR


Getting customers involved in learning about, and using, products in a way that is active. Touch, sight, audio and even smell are all important senses to employ when engaging with customers


Sharing relevant and useful information with customers so that they have a meaningful experience learning about and using the company’s products and solutions


With B2B purchases, research has shown that building an emotional connection is at least as equally important as creating a logical case for people to buy. Certainly, continuing to develop emotional connections post-purchase leads to loyal customer relationships

How VR revolutionizes the recruitment sector

Use`Virtual Reality` technology to recruit internal staff? That is the ‘disruptive’ gamble that the human resources company t-groep wants to enter in the context of its growth projects to 2020, which focus on the digitization of performance.

According to Hans Smellinckx, Marketing & Business Development Manager at t-groep, “Virtual Reality is a platform with which one can show the daily life of the job as an advisor in ideal circumstances to young interested candidates”.

T-groep will from now on call on Virtual Reality in the context of its process of recruiting internal employees. The technology allows the candidates in virtual reality to discover the daily life of a temporary employment consultant, and to see how a conversation goes in order to understand how important the conversation is to find the best candidate for a company. This technology defines a theoretical framework and concretises it through a realistic experience.

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