Toyota Assembly line VR Training – The training center of the future

After working closely together with RealityMatters – from concept to prototyping and pilot validation – Toyota has an interactive virtual learning program to train its assembly line workers while increasing worker motivation and attention.

Using the HTC Vive, employees are immersed in their realistic virtual assembly line environment. Work equipment such as containers and other components are illustrated as 3D objects, which can be grabbed and moved using the controllers. During the training session, the employee goes through various step-by-step assembly processes.  Hereby, employees learn required hand movements while getting familiar with the corresponding IT systems. They are going through several levels of difficulty which also require an increasing degree of independence and information retention.


Make assembly line workers feel more comfortable with doing their jobs. Based on research is became clear traditional training methods did provide the theoretical information but didn’t provide the needed hands-on knowledge. Also, the information retention level was low which resulted in the need for additional support from a trainer.

Benefits worker

Boost of self-confidence
Fun, motivational
Provide personalized training based on the skills or knowledge of the worker
Intuitive learning, with instructions, instant feedback and error support
Different language versions

Benefits Business

The reduced need for space, physical equipment
Control of learning objectives
Show the consequence of errors
Increase training efficiency

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