The pre-operational check is important for the workers safety. It involves a daily check of the machines health. Currently the pre-ops check is often skipped or not conducted in the right way.

Any forklift or warehouse machine that needs repairs, maintenance  or is observed to be unsafe to operate has to be taken out until such repair or maintenance has been done.

How can you then tell if the forklift has to go to maintenance? The operator is responsible to perform the pre-operational check before operating the machine.



Performing the pre-operational check is important for the safety of the operator and everyone in its working environment. Unfortunately this safety check is often forgotten or ignored. Not every operator is aware about the items that need to be check before he can start his machine and begin to perform his daily tasks.

How can we make the per-operational check easier to perform and how to log these daily checks.


Augmented Reality brings the solution. Before the worker can start his shift he uses an AR device (smartphone, tablet, AR glasses). By scanning the machines’ unique ID the system knows what machine the operator will use.

The worker will be guided through the different steps op the pre-operational check. The system doesn’t allow to skip any of the required steps. All the actions are logged. These logs can be used by field service engineers to determine when a problem started to occur.

Once the pre-operational check has been performed the truck can be started and the operator can start his daily task.

For big operation it is possible to call for help. The supervisor can log-in and help the operator with potential issues.

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