Mitsubishi PHEV VR Experience

For their participation at the Brussels Motorshow in January 2018, Mitsubishi came to us with the wish to integrate Virtual Reality into their booth to offer visitors an interactive, engaging and fun experience of their brand.

The theme of their communication for this edition was Electric Driving so with this in mind we’ve developed an interactive way to show how easy it is to plug in a PHEV. (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

Visitors were invited to experience first hand how you plug in such a vehicle and how easy it’s done.  Standing on an urban rooftop parking lot several Outlander PHEV vehicles were appearing and players need to plug in as many vehicles as possible within 90 seconds.  By using the HTC Vive it was possible to combine high-resolution images with controller interactivity.

A big bonus was the data caption system we’ve integrated making it possible to have a touchpoint afterwards.

VR is an excellent and new way to take Brand Activation to the next level.  Taking visitors on an immersive and interactive experience where they can discover your product or service in an entirely new way. We strongly believe that immersive storytelling will soon be an essential component of every marketing strategy.

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