Discover the new Promesso coffeemaker in AR

BBC, one of our beloved Belgian partners who offers creative solutions to leading B2B customers worldwide, came to us with the request to support them in developing an Augmented Reality experience for Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

For the launch of their new L’Or Promesso coffee machine in the Japanese market, JDE wanted to give buyers the opportunity to place the L’Or Promesso in their own personal environment and discover many new functionalities by using AR. Secondly, the app also provided a step by step guide for users on how to perform small maintenance tasks such as replacing cartridges and changing filters.

Supporting the buying process of today with AR has many benefits, as selling products and services to B2B buyers is more challenging than ever. They aren’t relying on a salesperson to tell them about the product specifications.  The chances are big that they already did the research and have already decided on the parameters for their purchase.

Also, pictures and videos alone don’t do the trick anymore.  Buyers want to fully understand what they’re paying for and experience the product up close and personal to get precisely what they are looking for!

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