Augmented Field Service Assistant

Providing a support tool to their service engineers, how and when they need it.  With this simple request, Toyota Material Handling Europe came to us.

Virtual Reality can be an excellent way to reduce the time needed to do on the job repairs and guide service engineers through any work that needs to be done with the display of schematics, step-by-step support, and component designs.

VR provides a whole new way to learn and collaborate!  Boosting self-confidence and productivity, to name a few, by solving issues in a more efficient way.


How can field service personnel be more efficient?  Today’s customers have more elevated service expectations and hence technical problems should be solved as quickly as possible.

To be able to provide their customers with the service they are expecting a lot of different processes needed to be synchronized and visualized.  Integrating a new way of increasing productivity while providing better will also boost motivation and helps keeping field service engineers happy and proud of their job.


Field service is all about improving asset reliability and predicting failure before it even happens, while improving the customer experience and decreasing the costs of service. Live video and AR can be used to provide remote support to a technician in the field like the example below.

By using Microsofts’ Hololens we’ve created a solution that gives all the necessary information to the field service engineer.

Whether it’s  technical data, remote support, schematically data or a step-by-step manual,  the service engineer can easily find the right information and interact with it.

There are different reasons for using AR/VR solutions:
– Increase productivity level up to 28%
– Reduce the amount of incomplete service visits by 40%
– Shorten the needed training
– Prepare service personnel before dispatching
– Test and hire the right candidates

Augmented and Mixed reality are obvious choices when it comes to supporting your field service personnel efficiently. Virtual Reality is great to train and prepare field service personnel before they are getting dispatched.

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