Asus’ virtual BBQ activation game

For ASUS we developed this very cool hamburger flip VR game.  With the help of the HTC Vive, you could prove yourself to be a true Grill Master!

The burger-flip game was designed as a Roomscale VR Brand Activation Experience. People were invited to register on the ASUS Flipbook, which enabled them to win a Flipbook. Once the registration was completed users had to put on the HTC Vive VR-glasses and grab a controller which enabled them to show off their grill master skills.

Once the lid was taken off the BBQ the player needed to put the raw hamburger on the BBQ and bake it to perfection.


Asus wanted to promote its new laptop called the FlipBook at different student event throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. How to grab the attention in a fresh and new way.


Virtual Reality was an excellent match for this brand activation project. Based upon the briefing we created a visually interesting 3D environment without taking away the users focus from the game he needed to play. The project was a success as ASUS was able to differentiate from competitors in a fun and exciting way. The game was played by over 4000 people during different events.

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